We do not act in fear, but we have decided as elders to heed the call of our government and our social responsibility. So for the next two weeks we will be posting the next parts of our series via social media and not be gathering corporately. 


Messages will be recorded and uploaded onto YouTube and shared across our communication platforms (instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) each Sunday.


Thereafter we will assess and decide whether it’s wise to go back to normal. Life group leaders will be in touch and keep you updated.


Prayer that was scheduled will also not happen corporately next week, but we still pray! Pray for each other, pray for our country and pray for the world.


God is not surprised. He is sovereign. He is in control. And we look forward in faith to Easter when we can celebrate together, God willing. May this be a time where we support each other and also relearn just how valuable our togetherness is.